Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am 4 weeks old (that's one month)

I went to Dad's work and got fitted for a kayak. I can't wait to get on the water, but it might be a few months. I saw his office and got to meet all of his student workers - I can't wait to climb the wall. Everyone was so nice. Go Terps! (I'm actually a CSU fan, but dont tell anyone in MD).

I have also been busy meeting new friends and soiling diapers.

Here is a picture of Isla, my new friend who is only two weeks old. Erin gave birth to Isla on October 31st (Halloween). I'm a bit tired and cranky, but she looks great...

I have had a busy week. Mom's friend Donna from the neighborhood (we're talking old school) came to visit and she was amazing. She flipped me on my tummy and rubbed my back - its a great technique that I hope Mom and Dad use because it helped me relax and pass some gas... AHHH!

As you might remember, Grandpa Polkow, aka Opa, made a surprise visit the day after I was born. He drove all day with my Uncle Alex to visit me, but he was so sick with a cold that we couldn't hang out much. But, he actually had to come back to Maryland for work and was able to spend the night at my house - I WAS SO HAPPY to see him again. Here is a pic of him holding me. I get to see him again in a few weeks...

To top a great week off, my great Aunt Sally stopped by for a surprise visit. She lives in Rhode Island. Although she has become a Patriots fan, I was still very happy to see her. Go Bears! I am excited to go snowboarding with the Thompson's this winter.

It's Saturday night and I am tired. I am going to bed so I can rest up for the next couple of weeks. Next Friday, we are driving to Chicago and I am going to meet all of the Doyles/Clarks and Polkows. My uncle Pat is getting married so I am gearing up for some explosive dance moves at the reception. Ain't nobody seen my moves yet.

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