Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Hello Friends,

I am not doing really well with the blog. I guess I am just too darn busy being a kid. I am growing up so fast and doing so many new things that I don't have time to sit at a computer - I have the rest of my life to do that.

Last weekend, we went to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. I had so much fun with my cousins. Margaret is nine and she is my new best friend. We had so much fun playing together. We went swimming, played in the condo, and watched movies in the truck on the way up. Mom and Dad got to go skiing and snowboarding. I heard mom is getting really good.

I am sad that
we missed the Doyle Corned Beef Bash again this year. I am making sure that Mom and Dad don't have to work next year so we can definitely go. I heard it was a lot of fun and the food was amazing. I can't wait. This year, Daddy is making some corned beef and we might go watch some irish dancers at J. Patricks. I probably wont be able to stay long because it gets so loud and crowded. I am not waiting in line to refill my juice cup. Thankfully (for everyone) its just a short walk down the street.

Okay, so I am 17 months now and I have a lot of teeth. My molars have been coming in for a while but they don't seem to hurt as much as the front teeth. I just drool a lot. I am still not much of a talker but I give Mommy and Daddy some shout outs and I can say "ball" really well. Other than that, I just point, giggle and grunt.

I have some new favorite toys. Mommy bought me a really cool basketball hoop and I love dunking over Daddy. I love being outside and get a little cranky when its raining and I have to stay inside. I think our house is shrinking... or maybe I am just getting bigger.

Lisa is still the best babysitter ever and she takes me on adventures to the museum, aquarium and even last week she took me to see the Easter Bunny. I didn't cry.

That is all for now. I need to help Mommy and Daddy clean up and organize our basement so I can have more room to play. Happy St. Patty's Day!!z

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Amy said...

Finn is so darn adorable! I love the new pics and hearing of his adventures.