Friday, July 1, 2011

Im going to be a big brother! Real Soon!

Well, mom is in the hospital and she has started the inducing process. She went in for her ultrasound this morning, and just like me, she was admitted straight to delivery. She is healthy and the baby is healthy. I am actually at home hanging with Lisa until we get the news. Lets hope it doesnt take three days this time.

I am really excited to be a big brother. I dont know if I get a little brother or sister yet, but either way I know we will have lots of fun together. Here is my list of things to do with the little bugger once he/she is old enough:

- play basketball
- go for walks and search for cones, pinwheels, flags and taxi cabs
- go for hikes
- go kayaking
- go camping and sleep in a tent
- make smoothies
- have family hugs
- dance parties in the kitchen to my favorite songs - Forever and Just the Way You Are
- drive daddy's car
- ride bikes

We have a lot to do and I have a lot to teach him.

I will keep you posted on her arrival.


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