Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look, I'm Growing!

I'm Growing...I just passed the fourth month mark and all is good. I am starting to figure this gig out. I love to smile, take baths, play with my friends, eat as much as I can, and sleep. I am still working on the nap thing, but I am sleeping a lot during the night and that makes mom really happy.

Here are a few of my tricks.

Finn "Diesel" - I have developed an alter-ego. When I don't sleep or get really hungry, I introduce everyone to the "diesel". I don't cry
 much, but I have a great pout or snarl on my face and I just make deep, long grumbling noises. Its my way of letting people know that I need something... usually food. If you don't have milk, you better back off!

I love taking a bath!

Here is a picture of me giving you all a shout out!

And finally, here is just a picture of me hanging out with mom & dad on the weekend.

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Amy said...

GOSH! 4 months already, huh? Time flies! I can't believe how big Finn is getting!!! He's adorable, so adorable!