Tuesday, January 27, 2009

0 for 5 - OUCH!

We got up early this morning to have my kidneys checked out. The day started out great, I was in a good mood and it was fun to see snow in Maryland.

However, the procedure never happened. The good people at Hopkins could not find a good vein to stick my IV in. They tried on both my feet, my left wrist and both of my arms - thats five sticks and they found nothing. I cried with each stick but I somehow found a way to smile every time I saw my mom. I even smiled at the crazy people who kept sticking me. Its a bummer that I have to go back in a month and do it all over again.

The day got better because Dad didn't have to go in to work. Can you believe that they closed the university because of only a few inches of snow? Holy Cow - I definitely 
want to go to school in Maryland if they close down for this stuff. I can't wait to learn how to snowboard.

Here is a picture of all of my IV attempts.


Jennifer said...

Oh poor baby!! He doesn't look any worse for the wear though.

T said...

That is awful!! Poor child... I can't wait to come over and see him roll! I will be over soon!

Anonymous said...

Finn! I'm sorry to hear about your bad day yesterday and hope all this kidney stuff will be over soon. You're looking fab, by the way. Hope to see you soon!

Amy said...

Poor Finn! I hope everything is okay with his kidneys! Is there a specific reason for them wanting to test him? Hopefully next month will be 1 for 1!

FMD said...

Hi Amy - when I was 36 weeks the perinatologist noticed that Finn was retaining more urine than normal in his kidneys and told us we should have them checked out after he was born. After two ultraounds, we found out he has a condition called hydronephrosis which is a blockage issue. He had one test to rule out something called reflux which he doesn't have (thankfully) but now they needed to do this other test to check the actual function of his kidneys. Hopefully once this next test is complete we will be done worrying about his little kidneys! :) Hope you are feeling good - can't wait to hear about Birl's arrival. :)