Monday, January 26, 2009

My historic week!

I have been busy this past week and lots has happened. First, mom left me for the day so she could go to the Oprah show. Since it was just Dad and me, we went to his work and I got to look at all of the toys that I can't wait to play with... bikes, snowboards, kayaks. Dad, pulled a doozy and forgot to pack my diapers so he had to make an emergency run to CVS. Surprisingly, CVS stores in college towns don't have a great selection of baby diapers.

Tuesday was historic for everyone. We inaugurated our new president. Dad didn't want to miss the opportunity to witness history so he headed to DC and joined the crowds. He was even on the news in Chicago. Dad kept thinking about what this day means for me and for all of the other little ones in our country. He doesn't expect the new president to have magic fairy dust that will make everything perfect for my generation, but it seems that the whole country is looking for change and improvements. How Exciting!

Other big events this week... I really started laughing with giggles and chuckles. Mom can make me giggle by snorting. Dad pulled a page out of Aunt Katie's book and started singing the cowboy song. Good times.

I can now roll over both ways from belly to back and back to belly. I love it, but it freaks my parents out. Dad can't leave me on the couch anymore while he makes his coffee - sucker.

I will admit that I really don't like to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time. I think my batteries charge faster than most. I also don't want to miss the big parties that mom and dad have together without me. Actually, I think this is when they eat, clean, shower, and sneak in their own naps. 

Other thoughts... the IL governor seems cookoo,  today is the 23rd anniversary of the Bears Super Bowl, tomorrow is my last (let's hope) kidney test - I have to get IV's in my arms and then they are going to shoot dye into my body and watch in drain until I pee it out. Lets hope I can pee it ALL out of my body. If I don't then something in my kidneys isnt working and they are going to have to fix it. I feel pretty good that my kidneys are just fine. I pee freely and often - just ask my parents.

That is all for now. I will update you on the sleep, the kidneys, and my giggles.



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