Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Fun Game... Hide the Bink

Here's the deal... Mom or Dad will put the bink (aka pacifier) in my mouth. I will wait until the appropriate time to either spit it out or just drop the bink out of my mouth. At this point, it will most likely get hidden in my blanket or drop to the ground and bounce around and then roll across the floor. 

This game is so much fun because I will then start fussing or crying. Mom and dad will then go into a mad scramble trying to find the green little gem that was once in my mouth. This game keeps them focused on me and does not allow them to forget the fact that I am the most important person in their lives. (Note to other babies: this game is best played in the dark - they will never find it and buy you new ones).

I promise to not play this game forever. I just want to be sure that they don't forget about me at this young age. 


Jennifer said...

Abby must be in cohoots with Finn because she does the same thing. We actually have a paci in almost every room in the house for just the reason. The best is when I can't find it and the dog gets it. I have learned that the green pacis are for the most part, can hold up to the mouth of a dog. After a quick run through the dishwasher, they are as good as new!

FMD said...

Too funny Jen! I hope you and Abby are doing great! She is such a cutie - I love her hair and those adorable cheeks!