Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adventures with Finn!

Today was a great day. It's beautiful, sunny and warm in Baltimore. To celebrate, we all woke up early this morning and had breakfast before we headed to Patapsco State Park for some exploring and frolicking. When we arrived, we saw all of these mountain bikers going really fast down the trails - there was a big charity race. It was fun... mommy says I can ride next year.

We trekked through the mud down to the river bank and daddy let me drop a few pebbles in the river. The sound of the river was mesmerizing. I just stared at the little rapids in awe. I can't wait to get in a kayak. After the river, we hiked up the road and I played in another stream. Finally, we stopped at a picnic table for some juice and goldfish and then headed for the swings. What a morning - I just loved being outside. I think mommy and daddy did too.

We had so much fun that I was s
o worn out and I fell asleep minutes after we got in the car to go home. I wonder what we'll do tomorrow? I think I heard something about the National Zoo in DC - woohoo. I will keep you posted.

FYI - my new favorite words are "bubbles" and "eggs". Eggs, cheese, and toast are my favorite breakfast. Now that I am 17 months old, I am a really big help around the house. I am great at helping to unload the dishwasher, make coffee, and even scramble the eggs. I am a whiz in
the kitchen. Daddy says that will go a long way with the ladies.

Back to my nap!



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