Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30th Hour!

Hey Friends,

I am sorry to say that we haven't made much progress. Jen is still dialated at 2cm and is taking a break from the inducing meds for the night. She is quite the trooper and is keeping good spirits. We are running out of crappy 80's t.v. shows to watch so we may have to resort to the comedy shows now known as the nightly reports on our economy and presidential elections. I will share my thoughts on coming into the world in these crazy times on another post. I haven't quite figured it all out yet, neither has my dad.

Assuming we don't have any action tonight, we will go back on the meds tomorrow and see if we can't get things moving then. 

Signing off so I can rest my body for the long journey and big debut tomorrow - FMD.


Students: said...

Come on already!

Joce said...

Finn, I hope you know the story of how long mom was in labor may be brought up at various, yet appropriately embarassing times throughout your life..... give your poor mama a rest and come to the world! There are so many people who are anxious to meet you!

Cori said...

My goodness!!! The wait must be harder than the labor, right? :)

Jenn said...

Still no baby?!? I was just talking with Ryan and we were saying how much fun you're probably having with Finn right now. And by "fun" we didn't mean contractions :)
You're a trooper Jen!!! I don't think I know of anyone with a labor as long as this!! Can't wait for tomorrow's update to hopefully welcome Finn!

Anonymous said...

Jen--figured it out. hang in there. get a good nights rest.