Sunday, October 26, 2008

A great day - My first walk with BOB

My mom hasn't been outside in almost 11 days so she and dad decided to take me out for my first walk today. I got to try out my new BOB stroller (thanks Murphys!) and the ride was so smooth, I slept the whole time. Dad is already planning my transcontinental trip to see all 54 national parks. We should be done by the time I am 15. Go Griswalds! 

Here are some pictures:

To add more excitement to my day, mom and dad decided to give me a bath and boy are they funny. Dad was holding me and I thought I'd give him a taste of what mommy has been experiencing the past few days and I peed on him. Ha! I enjoyed my bath and then my mom's friend Erin came over. She is having a baby any day now and I can't wait to meet her and to have a new friend. Then, Melissa and Tom came over and brought mommy and daddy dinner. What a busy day! Signing off now, it's dinner time. I will be having milk with a side of milk and some more milk to wash it all down.

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