Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grandma P and Mike went out for lunch and a little dose of sunshine - don't tell Jen. We came back to find Jen enjoying some "beautiful" contractions, but we just haven't gotten the big ones yet.  We are still hoping for an Oct. 14 delivery. To stay fresh, Jen is now sporting an oxygen mask to "super-oxygenate" me, even though I am fine.

Mike has come to understand the printouts of each contraction. The little rolling hills remind him of Wisconsin - those aren't going to cut it. The big, long and rounded ones remind him of the Appalachians - they are nice, but aren't big enough to get excited about. Having spent time in the rockies, Mike now knows that we need steep, jagged peaks that line up right next to each other. Once we get to the rockies, its time to hit the Himalayas - then the labor process begins. Man, he can use a mountain metaphor for anything... what a dork!


sberman said...

Tell your mama I had to wear the mask too, 'tis all good in the hood. Also, tell your mama she must have abs of steel to be rolling through these contractions so nicely. I am so impressed with your superfit mom. Now come out already will ya????!!!

Anonymous said...


Your parent's are hysterical as I'm sure you will come to realize yourself shortly:) It is such a treat to "hear" from you and follow your progress. Can't wait to meet you. Get outta there, Finn, regardless of which mountain trail you choose:)

kilgore said...

Holy cow, Finn! Did they break your mom's water yet? Tell those doctors to get a move on!