Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 3 - Full Moon Tonight.

Good morning.

No news to report from last night. Jen and I are sleeping, Mike is doing homework. I want to thank everyone who is checking up on me and sending prayers and well-wishes. I can't really explain it... I guess I have  a bit of stage fright.

This whole process is pretty amazing. I have had a lot of time to think about it over the last nine months.  I am excited to learn to walk, talk, swim and climb (stairs, chairs, and mountains). I am nervous about being and staying healthy, being with good daycare, and having to eat pureed vegetables - that just don't seem right! Who knows, by the time I get out of here I might be chewing on ribeyes and PBJ sandwiches.

I am guessing that I will grow up happy because I have 9 cousins to play with. My uncle Tom and Aunt Kristy are due any day now (he/she will be 10). Maybe I should wait to come out when their little one comes. Yes, thats it! That is what I am waiting for, I am so darn nice. I have 7 aunts and 7 uncles. I hear St. Patricks Day is a hoot - that should be a good time.

I hear that I am going to live in Baltimore a little while longer and then maybe move closer to all of those crazy people I just listed. I think I can be happy anywhere as long as my diaper is dry.

I am so lucky because all of my grandparents are going to give me way too much attention.

Okay, I am done rambling for now. I need to help Mike with his homework.


Jenn said...

Finn, you're still not here?!?! Hudson and I rushed to log in to "meet" you.

We're sending you and your parents lots of prayers for a healthy delivery!

Melissa said...

OK Finn, let's get this show on the road! Everyone is waiting to meet you. Trust me, things will be much more exciting out here! Don't worry about the pureed veggies b/c it's all worth it for dessert :) and if you're anything like your mom, you will appreciate dessert time! Thanks for keeping us all up to date on your and your mom stay healthy.

A day in the life of Finn... said...

Thanks for the motivating words, Jenn and Melissa. Jen is still sleeping. Hopefully she is resting up for a busy day. I will be in touch. Mike